About Me

“We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric; but out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.” W.B. Yeats

My job as an artist is to continually cross and re-cross the boundary that separates knowing and not-knowing, self and non-self. Touching the unknown imbues the work with a vitality that is found beyond the self. It is this vitality that makes the art, “ART”.

I am interested in the quality of touch, of paint texture, of shape, line, form and composition; the power of visual language to communicate in a way that resonates at a level deeper than symbolic signs.

As I work I continually experiment and respond to the needs of the image as it takes form and reveals its meaning. This is the core of my process. The imagery is both a puzzle of meaning and a scaffold on which hangs the vital energy imbued during the creative process.

I was born in Boulder, Colorado and received my BFA from MSU Denver and my MFA from Louisiana State University. I have trained with accomplished artists at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia, at SACI in Florence, Italy, at the New York Studio School in Manhattan and at Anderson Ranch in Colorado with Enrique Martinez Celaya. I have attended residencies at The Vermont Studio Center, Sachaqua Centro de Arte in Peru and Taleamor Park in Indiana. 

I currently live and work in Evergreen, Colorado.